Whirr, Crash, Me-YOWCH! Lego Mario Debuts New Power-Up Packs

Beloved plumber Mario will be celebrating his 35th birthday with the release of all-new Super Mario-themed Lego sets, coming August 1. Previously, both Lego and Nintendo had hinted that even more additions to the already-announced base kit were coming. Now, we’ve got our first look at one of the exciting add-ons in the form of four Power-Up Packs – alternate outfits for Lego Mario to wear.

Each Pack will be based on an existing power-up drawn directly from the Super Mario franchise and will come with its unique abilities, which add to the “video game-like” experience of playing with the set. The four Power-Up packs announced include Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Builder Mario, and even the utterly adorable Cat Mario.

Each outfit comes with brand new sound effects. Fire Mario makes noise when he tosses fireballs at various enemies, while Propeller Mario whooshes through the sky to collect invisible coins. Builder Mario, who hails from the Mario Maker sub-series, smashes into bricks to perform a loud Ground Pound. (Just be careful when slamming your figurine down onto other blocks – Lego are sturdy, but not unbreakable!) Finally, Cat Mario squeaks and meows as he climbs walls to search out hard-to-reach coins.

Each Power-Up Pack will cost $9.99. They will be available beginning August 1, the same day as both the main Mario starter set. The Power-Up Packs will require the starter course to use, as so far, that is the only announced set to include the Lego Mario figurine itself. Also, two expansion sets, Piranha Plant Power Slide and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle.

Check out this video to learn more about each Power-Up Pack’s unique abilities:

Both the Starter Course and the Power-Up Packs will be available for preorder from the official Lego Web site and several third-party retailers, including Target and Walmart. Preorder your very own set and get ready for a grand Lego adventure with everyone’s favorite plumber!

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