Bungie details Features that may or may not transfer to Destiny 2

Bungie recently posted details on their site, bungie.net, on what’s in store for the future of the space RPG that came out in late 2014. Players have spent the long months since the Rise of Iron DLC speculating on the future of the game (when it was first announced) that it would be the final expansion in the first instalment of the supposed 10 year lifespan of Destiny.

The post, which also announced the final yearly triumph challenge, gave details on what players would be able to take with them going into Destiny 2. Unfortunately, characters will not be transferable. According to Bungie, “Destiny 2 will be a new adventure for old and new players alike”. Usually, this would point to there being new classes in the next instalment, but that seems unlikely due to how embedded warlocks, hunters, and titans are in the grimoire texts and Destiny lore.

Players will be able to take their assets to Destiny 2, but not their stats or characters!

On a positive note, it was confirmed that players will be able to take their cosmetic items such as shaders, ships, and ghost shells over to the new game. For now though, many players are enjoying the last of a 3-year adventure by completing a set of challenges to gain a final triumph badge.

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