Call of Duty is better on Wii U then any other platform

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I know what you are probably thinking, am I out of my mind? How on earth could I possibly think the Wii U versions of Call of Duty games are the best? I am also certain there would be a few unsavoury words thrown around that I probably just don’t want to hear in the slightest. But trust me I have my reasons to suggest why Call of Duty games have never been better then on the Wii U. Sure they have their worse features such as a lack of extra maps like all the other versions get but that is really a small thing and a small price to pay for the ultimate versions of the game.

First before I state my case I must take you on a trip back to the N64, no it is not for Nostalgia it is to make a point about why these games have found the best possible place on the Wii U. Shall we take a trip back to the days of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 which is what I shall say is one of the original multiplayer third person shooters. Goldeneye is the game that showed us the potential of shooters as a multiplayer affair, the main problem that existed in the game was that we couldn’t hide where we were in the game as the other person or player could see us on the screen. Of course people did find funny ways to deal with this issue including holding a blanket down the center of the television set but that was just frustrating. Still this little issue never stopped us having fun and people still camped the body armour and I somehow still managed to set up sensor bomb’s at doorways and catch my prey. Still it caused problems for some and did slightly ruin that enjoyment of seeking my prey and finding them without accidentally seeing my opponents screen, but it is only slightly Goldeneye still remains one of the best first person shooters ever made and the best multiplayer shooter.

Goldeneye multiplayer

The same issue that plagued Goldeneye has caused issues in several more shooters and many other games over the years, but more importantly it is the shooters that this is mainly about. Being able to see the other players screen ruins a sense of mystery and the fun of the search in finding out where the other player is hiding and trying to win the struggle against your opponent. Of course this split screen play hasn’t always been an issue for many players of the games, as many of us have been able to shut out the other players side of the screen but games still get frustrating with their smaller screen sizes and the annoying side of still seeing the opponents running around out the corner of your eye.

This frustration has actually limited as time has gone by particularly as the ability of consoles capabilities have allowed us to be able to play against people all the way around the world without ever even leaving the seat of our couch. This ability has made it so we can play on a full screen and still receive the same thrill as we would playing against someone in the same room. For the most part our ability to communicate is accessible via headsets and still we can talk and plan with our fellow players on these games but while that sounds all well and good what about those who can’t afford a headset? We can’t fully immerse ourselves in the game and we may as well be playing alone even if we are aware these are real people.

Either way nothing beats playing a game with other people and having them join you on the couch or just in general to play the game. Being able to joke around with these people, laugh and just all around enjoy your time with someone you actually know, but again the same problem persists of having to share a screen and this is where I finally get back to my point and explain why I think the Wii U makes Call of Duty better and more importantly why Call of Duty has never been better then on the Wii U.

I return to my point of having to share a screen and how annoying that can be, and that is exactly the point that must be made aware of in why the Wii U is best for the game. What the game offers on the Wii U platform is a sense of mystery and in a way a level of enjoyment that is unimaginable on other platform after spending extensive amounts of time on other platforms checking out the way shooters are played in multiplayer I can say without a doubt that the Wii U offers the best way to play. If you have only two people playing there is a bonus of using the Wii U’s Gamepad and the television, one person can easily play on the TV and have a full screen to immerse themselves in meanwhile while the Gamepad screen may be smaller this gives the other player their own screen to play on.


With this idea it actually creates a series of new ways to play and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone, of course the benefits presented for two players doesn’t exist for three or more as the main screen still has to be shared but the benefits far outway the negatives. The ability of only having two people playing offer new ways to play and are more enjoyable, playing against another person is actually a hunt and presents a challenge to make taking out the other player far more satisfying not knowing where they could be hiding. The idea of the gamepad also adds new gameplay possibilities with a fun but simple game of hide and seek which allows one player to hide and the other to seek them out and it is completely fun and offers enjoyment that can’t be found on any other version of Black Ops 2 or Ghosts.

It is for this reason that I state that Call of Duty is best on the Wii U and for that matter shooters themselves would be quite well benefitted by using this same approach in the future and creating a far better game than what can be made on other platforms. I have never found that same sense of enjoyment on online matches as I do facing down someone I know and being able to laugh and discuss with the person sitting next to you, not to mention the air of mystery and enjoying the game itself is just easier with the Wii U version and even if you have more then two people to play the game taking turns would be far more satisfying then anything else. Call of Duty is at its best on the Wii U and call me crazy but it is easy to see just for the way the game can be played and for the fun that awaits.

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