Playstation 4 On Your Smartphone!

TGS is one of those events every year where cool, revolutionary gadgets are shown. Sony has just unveiled their remote play feature on smartphones. Perhaps one of the coolest things regarding this is that you now don’t have to buy a PS Vita to play PS4 where ever you want.

The only problem here is that it must be a Sony Xperia phone. This may boost sales of the phone, but when people have a choice between a Sony Xperia or a Moto X or Samsung Galaxy/ Note, what do you think they will choose? Should Sony be doing this?

This may not be as cool as you think, mainly because of that issue. Gamers will most likely stick to their PS Vita.


What do you think? Will you buy an Xperia just for this? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay tuned for the GameLuster podcast coming in the next few weeks!

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