Call Of Duty: WWII Free Via Playstation Store From May 26

As part of their monthly line-up of free games, Playstation Plus is giving away Call Of Duty: WWII free for download from May 26.

As announced via Twitter, the 2017 title is the first from the monthly line up, with new games expected to be announced later in the week.

There are hopes that Spider-Man will become a freebie title with Playstation’s June collection, after a rumor, originating from Reddit, revealed a snapshot of the game tagged with a ‘Free’ PS Plus Tag.

Recently, various credible sources appeared to confirm that the next Call Of Duty title this year will be called Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. The title was first leaked on Twitter, but the tweet has been since removed. 

The rumor, if correct, means Cold War will serve as the fifth title in the Black Ops sub-series. Recent hints in Modern Warfare’s battle-royale mode counterpart Warzone, seem to indicate further that a Cold War game is forthcoming. From silent phones beginning to ring across various maps, to Russian messages and a potential Cold War-era plane inside a bunker, it’s undoubtedly making fans wonder.

Similarly to 2017’s WWII, the franchise appears to be shifting its focus back to the past. At this time, everything known about the next title in the franchise is hypothetical, with publisher Activision refusing to comment.

Yet, while all of this remains speculative at this stage, considering the title is expected for 2020, it shouldn’t be too long until more information is revealed.

As well as returning to their WW2 roots, Call Of Duty: WWII delivers a multiplayer and co-operative mode, a standalone game experience. The story focuses on a recruit in the U.S First Infantry Division, Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels.

Thrust into his first experience of war on D-Day, the campaign sees Red and his squad survive the beaches of Normandy, and fight through key locations in Europe, such as the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge.

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