Capcom prioritizing remakes and remasters of their best games

Remasters and remakes are not going anywhere anytime soon it seems and I am not complaining. In recent months Capcom has been reviving a number of its games including Devil May Cry 4 as well as the Devil May Cry reboot which arrived a few months ago and Resident Evil Remastered, and Capcom has no plans to let up on the remasters anytime soon. The company has announced that remasters of their older games are a key part of the company’s business strategy.

“HD remasters of our catalogue hit titles will be one of our key business activities,” Capcom said during a Q&A session at its latest financial briefing, noting that digital marketplaces will serve as the primary avenue of delivering such content.

“Overseas, it is becoming difficult to sell these lower-priced and re-mastered titles at stores because of the declining number of stores and sales area limitations. Therefore, we started aggressive digital download sales activities,” the publisher explained.

“These activities created new demand for these titles. For example, overseas download sales of Resident Evil (HD Remastered) in the past fiscal year were far higher than we expected. It is not a risk but rather the growth of the download sales channel gives users more options. We regard this as growth in opportunities to have allow access for more people to enjoy our games.”

What Capcom has planned in the future is anyone’s guess but the company has plenty of games they can make use of for future remakes that for nostalgia reason’s will surely sell. The most recent announcement from Capcom was Devil May Cry 4 – Special Edition, but I imagine E3 will have more of these remakes from Capcom and I look forward to what they offer.


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