Golden Idol Mysteries: The Lemurian Vampire Case 3 Guide

The Case of the Golden Idol’s latest DLC, The Lemurian Vampire, concludes with the arrival (and quick departure) of Albert Cloudsley and Oberon Geller on Monkey’s Paw Island. In Case 3, “The Less than Amicable Departure of Two Explorers,” fans of the indie mystery game finally get to learn how Oberon absconded with the titular golden idol, once a sacred relic belonging to the mysterious “Tower Dweller.” This guide will help you solve every aspect of this tricky mystery, including identifying the true nature of the powerful “Lemurian Vampire!”


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As in Case 2, there are 48 clues to find. However, several of these clues are automatically added to your Thinking panel in the form of characters you identified in previous cases. Collect every clue before beginning to solve this final mystery. The 48 available clues are:

  • People: Albert, Cloudsley, Dweller, Geller, Oberon, Tower (Returning from previous case: Gamini, Jayan, Ji, Kerra, Kruplu, Kula, Lavu, Mata, Momgo, Stirna, Tissa, Vyrlis, Zarno, Zubiri)
  • Verbs: Destroyed, Found, Give, Kill, Obtained, Steal, Take, Target
  • Nouns: Bridge, Command, Foreign, Heat, Hostage, Golden, Idol, Lifespan, Matter, Mind, Myth, Pillar, Prison, Riches, Speaker, Stone, Tool, Villagers, Visitors, Voice


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This case is broken into two scenes. Scene 1 takes place shortly after Cloudsley and Geller arrive at the island. Scene 2 shows the events surrounding their departure. In addition, one piece of information is shown in a cutscene between cases: Zubiri Kerra is arrested and put in solitary confinement because of his involvement with (supposedly) angering the Tower Dweller in Case 2.

The Golden Idol’s Commands

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Here, something returns that players might recognize from the base game: needing to identify how the golden idol functions and what powers it has. In Scene 1, read the ancient Lemurian dictionary and go word-by-word to translate three commands:

NAGANA BRIN GAD – Take Matter Lifespan

TEGANA BRIN GAD – Give Matter Lifespan


From the record of commands seen in the tower in Scene 2, it is revealed that the first two were used regularly, alternating between them. The last command was used only once, and was the last command given.

Here, you finally learn what the tower-dwelling “Lemurian Vampire” was – an automaton wielding the Golden Idol. Zubiri’s diary in Scene 1 reveals that the automaton cannot move from the tower and that the golden idol cannot be removed from its hand without utilizing a special command. Thus, you can also fill in the following sentence:

While in tower, the golden idol could target only the speaker of the voice command.

The Mastermind’s Identity

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There are three scrolls to fill in – the events “a long time ago,” “after the arrival of the ship,” and “in the tunnel” (Scene 2.) However, before you can fill out these scrolls, you need to identify one key person:

Who is responsible for everything?

Consider the following information:

  • The “take lifespan” and “give lifespan” commands were used alternately for a long time
  • Zubiri gave information about how to remove the automaton from the golden idol to Lavu Mata
  • Lavu Mata has consistently done anything she could – even murder – to resist change and prevent the ancient ways
  • Lavu Mata is responsible for teaching children about the history of the Tower Dweller and how it is “appeased” via the Sentinel system
  • In Scene 2, a stone pillar is partially destroyed (presumably using the idol.) Near the pillar are several yellow flowers. Lavu Mata is wearing a necklace of yellow flowers around her neck

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There is only one person who consistently argued to preserve the old ways, opposed Cloudsley and Geller, opposed fighting the Tower Dweller, and possessed knowledge of how to remove the golden idol from the automaton’s hand. Therefore, Lavu Mata must be the mastermind behind the myth of the “Lemurian Vampire” in the tower. And her motives were not nearly as heroic as she claimed – she was using the idol to take years of life from the other villagers and give them to herself.

Thus, the “Events of long ago” scroll can be filled out like this:

Lavu Mata found the golden idol. It could be used only with a voice command and it could only target the speaker of the voice command. Therefore Lavu Mata created the myth of Tower Dweller, so for centuries the villagers would give the “take matter lifespan” command and Lavu Mata would take their lifespan for themselves.

Geller Gets The Golden Idol

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Once Lavu Mata has been identified as the mastermind, the rest of the events are fairly easy to figure out. The key pieces of information are these:

  • In Scene 1, Oberon Geller and Albert Cloudsley promise the villagers that they will defeat Tower Dweller once and for all
  • In Scene 1, Cloudsley is making explosives by filling clay balls with gunpowder.
  • Black powder fills the tower around the broken automaton in Scene 2
  • In Scene 2, Geller and Cloudsley have pockets filled with gemstones. Previous cases established that gems are common in the village
  • In Scene 2, Kula Stirna is thanking Zubiri for saving her life. However, Zubiri’s response is unsure, because he had “given [Geller]” something dangerous
  • White flowers (the color Kula is wearing) are scattered around Geller in Scene 2
  • In Scene 1, Jayan Ji is sneaking away from the celebration with a rope in his pocket. Scene 2 shows Zubiri’s empty jail cell with a rope sticking out of it.

Thus, the middle scroll (the events “After the arrival of the ship”) can be filled out like this:

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The foreign visitors (Geller and Cloudsley) went to the tower and destroyed Tower Dweller and were rewarded with riches (the gems). Geller had, in the previous DLC, learned information about the idol from Zubiri and his father Yupik, so he presumably had gotten information from him and knew that it was just an automaton. There is black powder surrounding the automaton in Scene 2 – presumably from the explosives Cloudsley was shown making.

However, prior to that, Lavu Mata had used the “give tool” command and obtained the golden idol. (Geller does not get the idol until the events of the tunnel.)

Jayan Ji released Zubiri Kerra from the prison and they followed the celebrating villagers. (Zubiri and Jayan are both in the tunnel, but are not wearing ceremonial flower necklaces like the others are.)

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Finally, the far right scroll (the events “In the tunnel”) can be filled out like this:

Lavu Mata used the golden idol on the stone pillar to try to kill the foreign visitors. (This is proved by the yellow flowers at the base of the pillar.)

Jayan Ji disarmed Lavu Mata and Zubiri Kerra took the golden idol. (Jayan Ji is shown actively restraining Lavu, while Zubiri openly admits to being the one to give the idol to Geller.)

Suddenly Oberon Geller took Kula Stirna as a hostage. (There are white flowers around Oberon, and Kula refers to herself as being “saved” by Zubiri.)

Zubiri Kerra surrendered the golden idol and Oberon Geller destroyed the stone bridge and left. (The bridge is broken, Geller is actively wielding the idol and shouting excitedly that “it works” while also telling Cloudsley it is time to leave.)

This concludes Case 3, “The Less than Amicable Departure of Two Explorers,” and, with it, The Lemurian Vampire DLC. This brings the story to where it was during Case 1 of the base game: Cloudsley and Geller leaving Monkey’s Paw Island, with Cloudsley determined to take the idol from the violent and dangerous Geller. From there, the golden idol will wreak havoc across the land of Albion and doom several generations of the Cloudsley family to deadly fates. At least the village gets a happy ending, with Lavu arrested and the Tower Dweller destroyed for good!

Developer Color Gray Games have revealed that The Lemurian Vampire is the final planned DLC for The Case of the Golden Idol, but hopefully they will come out with more tricky, intriguing mystery games in the future (or change their minds!) In the meantime, you can check out GameLuster’s other guides to solve every case in The Case of the Golden Idol as well as both sets of DLC, The Spider of Lanka and The Lemurian Vampire.

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