The Case of the Golden Idol: Case 1 Guide

The Case of the Golden Idol is a clever indie detective game in which players have to solve a series of murders by witnessing their aftermaths and putting together the right words. This guide will cover all clues and puzzle solutions for the Prologue Chapter, the game’s first case, titled “An Abrupt Termination of Contract.”


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There are eleven clues in the first case of The Case of the Golden Idol. They consist of names of people and locations. The clues are:

Albert Cloudsley Oberon Geller (people) Bay Finger Horn Ruins Shadows Thumb Xenopolis (locations)

Puzzle Solutions

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First, identify the two men present in the scene. The man being pushed over the cliff has a scalpel and medicine in his possession, so he must be the doctor, Oberon Geller. Thus, the man pushing him has to be the only other option, Albert Cloudsley.

Next, figure out the location of the two men’s camp. While there are multiple possibilities, only one is located near any outlying islands. Because you can see small islands in the distance, their camp must be on the Horn of Thumb.

Finally, fill out the scroll describing the events of the chapter. The correct solution is:

“Albert Cloudsley pushed Oberon Geller from a cliff in the Horn of Thumb on Monkey Paw Island.”

Now, you have solved “An Abrupt Termination of Contract” and can move on to the next case. Be sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides for puzzle solutions for every chapter of The Case of the Golden Idol.

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