Chucklefish Announces Robotality’s Next Game, Pathway

It’s got Nazis and archaeology. It’s not Indiana Jones, but Chucklefish’s newest publishing deal looks to be just as good. Chucklefish announced Pathway, a turn-based RPG by Robotality, creators of the strategy indie game Halfway.

Pathway‘s plot, set in 1936, revolves around Nazis expanding throughout Europe in the Middle East as the Germans excavate ancient ruins for artifacts and conduct occult rituals. Your task is to rescue your friend Morten after he was kidnapped for interfering with the Nazi’s rituals.

A typical feature of Chucklefish-published games is pixel art, and Pathway looks to be no exception. The game uses “Pixel/Voxel Hybrid Technology” to create a great amount of depth in the visuals.

The gameplay looks to take inspiration from games like The Oregon Trail with difficult random encounters and narrative-based choices that affect the rest of the game. Each map is randomly generated, so every playthrough will be different. Combat is strategy-based, like Robotality’s previous game, which played a lot like XCOM. 

Pathway will also feature collectible artifacts which unlock new content as you progress, and will have 16 companions, all of which have unique equipment and skill trees.

Robotality says they aim to release the game in 2018. Visit the game’s official website or check out the trailer below for more information:

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