One of the more unexpected reveals of the February 9th Nintendo Direct was the announcement of a 2D HD remake of the SNES era Square RPG Live-A-Live. Originally released in 1994, this unusual RPG has never been translated or remade in the 28 years since its initial release, making the fact that the game is not only being translated but given full voice acting even more unexpected and impressive. The 2D HD game engine, initially developed for 2018’s Octopath Traveller is also being used to full effect, as the game’s sprites are not simple recreations of the the SNES era graphics, but fully remade and enhanced to take advantage of and work within the 3D worlds afforded by the engine. The trailer revealed that all eight playable characters are available in the remaster, though only seven of them will be available in their own seemingly unconnected stories to begin with.

Each of these characters has their own unique story and mechanics to go with that.
Each of these characters has their own unique story and mechanics to go with that.

What is unknown is if there will be any changes to the unique gameplay mechanics of the original Live-A-Live which emphasized each character’s personalities and struggles by altering the way each gained power- through traditional experience points, at specific points in the narrative, or being stagnant even as other allies grow stronger.. The difference in gameplay between each character is what gives each of them, and Live-A-Live such a unique feel.


Live-A-Live preorders are available now on the Nintendo eShop, with the full release coming this July 22nd.


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