Square Enix revealed during today’s Nintendo direct that Front Mission will receive a full 3D remake for the Nintendo Switch titled Front Mission 1st. Front Mission, originally  a 1995 tactical RPG by Square starring Captain Lloyd (Royd in Remake) Clive, a member of the near future OCU military force and a specialist in walking tanks called Wanzers. Lloyd is sent to investigate a munitions plant belonging to the USN, a rival government. However the investigation is a set up, as Lloyd is ambushed, his fiancee is killed and he is blamed for the detonation of the plant, sparking an international incident and igniting war between the two political powers. A year later, Lloyd- who has quit the military in disgrace- is  recruited into a mercenary force with the promise of discovering who killed his fiancee and exacting vengeance.

Front Mission pulls no punches, even in its prologue
Front Mission pulls no punches, even in its prologue

Gameplay in Front Mission 1st is an isometric top down view much like Final Fantasy Tactics, but the Switch remake also shows signs of closer views and even  first person views when aiming for specific locations on enemy Wanzers. Wanzers can be heavily customized with weapon and armor loadouts to suit multiple missions and proper preparation being critical to mission success.

This is the third remake of the original Front Mission, with a Playstation 1 and Nintendo DS remake also being released. It is unknown if the additional material added for the Playstation and Nintendo DS remakes will be found in the new Front Mission. Front Mission 2 has also been announced but does not yet have a release date like Front Mission 1st.

Front Mission 1st will be available this summer.


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