“Conquer COVID-19” Humble Bundle Bursting with Classic Games

The Humble Store is best known for providing fans with amazing deals on beloved titles. Now, Humble has partnered with a number of game developers and publishers to release the “Conquer COVID-19 bundle,” one of their most generous offers yet.

The bundle is available to purchase for only $30 and contains approximately $1000 worth of games, software, comics, and ebooks.

Highlights include the visually stunning shooter Superhot, the deeply plotted “bullet hell” adventure Undertale, and the time-looping strategy title Into the Breach. Familiar favorites such as Psychonauts, Hollow Knight, and both Darksiders and Darksiders II are also present. Several titles featured in the bundle, particularly Jackbox Party Pack 2, allow you to play together with friends, perfect for staying connected during the era of social distancing.


For those looking for more than just games, the “Conquer COVID-19 bundle” certainly provides. Experience classic comic series with the first issues of titles including Locke & Key, Saga, Undiscovered Country, and Criminal. Occupy your brain with two volumes of crossword puzzles -as an added bonus, the themes of the included puzzles are “positivity” and “living your best life”. Focus on your mental health with e-books such as Coping Skills, Mindfulness for Kids, and The Mood Elevator. Finally, learn something new while stuck at home with highly useful software: Music Maker EDM Edition and Tilt Brush By Google.

Even better than the sheer amount of content contained within this bundle is the fact that 100% of all proceeds will go directly towards COVID-19 relief efforts. The Humble Store has pledged to aid charities including Direct Relief, the International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, and Partners in Health.

In particular, they have committed to using the funds they receive for “delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients”.

As with all of the Humble Store’s offerings, the “Conquer COVID-19 bundle” is available for a limited time only. This offer will expire in just under a week, so make sure to grab your copy and support the cause as soon as possible!

Ten other bundles are also currently available for purchase on the Humble Store. These include offerings themed around learning how to code, strengthening your music production and software development skills, playing award-winning games, and celebrating 2020’s newly released run of James Bond-themed comics.

Let us know which game included in the “Conquer COVID-19 bundle” is your favorite!

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