Crowd-funded scroller Damsel has potential

In Damsel Productions’ Damsel, you play as Agent Damsel and battle vampires. With fluid gameplay and spunky style, Damsel has potential to be a fun side-scrolling action game.

Agent Damsel receives assignments at the start of each of the game’s 120 plus missions. Each mission has one primary objective and several bonus challenges. Both the main objective and the side challenges include killing vampires, gathering intel, diffusing bombs, and rescuing hostages. The latter two require care, as bombs may be ticking down as soon as the mission begins and shooting towards vampires anywhere near a hostage will likely kill the hostage.

For diffusing or rescuing, a mini game plays that requires you to time a button press as an indicator passes over a sweet spot. This must be done sequentially – missing the third sweet spot will start the sequence over so that you have to time it again with the first until you get all three right. This can be very tense with a bomb timer counting down.

Agent Damsel uses a shotgun that has infinite ammo and, for reloading, has a cool down period. The gameplay is standard side-view action with running, jumping, and upgrades like wall jumping. You may play with either an Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard. For the demo build, you cannot change key inputs. I tried at the game’s startup but the changes were not reflected in game.

Preset graphics options include “Fastest”, “Simple”, and “Beautiful”. I played at “fastest” first – “Beautiful” was a huge improvement and, at least on my PC, caused no performance decrease. The visual style is cartoony veering on Flash game visuals, with environs that are all urban, such as rooftops, back alleys, and warehouses.

The game is planned for release in 2017. It will include both single player and co-op. Check out the developers’ page, download the demo, or invest in its development here.


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