Cryptic Cyberpunk 2077 Tweet Hints At News On June 11

A colorful, if highly cryptic, tweet on the Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter feed showed up yesterday morning. The mysterious tweet appears to hint at a big reveal coming next month, just three months away from its scheduled release.

Bearing only a bright yellow and teal logo with the words “Night City Wire”, the date of June 11, and the text of the tweet saying “Get ready!”, there’s not a whole lot of substantive information in and of itself.  The date given is what would have been the last day of E3 for this year, which suggests that CD Projekt RED is most likely pivoting their planned E3 presentation to a general audience, following the cancellation of the expos planned digital event.

Digging into the lore of the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG, while there’s not any specific reference to Night City Wire, there is a section of “screamsheets” (the game’s version of newspapers) which are all titled, “Night City Today.”  It’s not a tremendous stretch to consider the possibility that Night City Wire is simply the video companion to those screamsheets in much the same way tabloid site TMZ produces a live TV series alongside its web offerings.

The last deep dive video CD Projekt RED put out was back in August 2019, which showed off gameplay as it was at that time.  Since the game’s official release date is currently September 17, this announcement puts it roughly 90 days out from that point.  Whatever the developers plan to show off, it’s likely to be the closest thing to the finished product we’ll see until the game drops in September.

Cyberpunk 2077 was initially meant to be released April 16, but was hit with a five month delay at the start of the year. However, despite numerous coronavirus-related delays coming to upcoming titles recently, CD Projekt RED has reassured fans that Cyberpunk 2077 will not share the same fate. This is due in part to the increased sales of The Witcher 3, following the success of The Witcher Netflix series.

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