Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire: More Details On Lifepaths And Their Effects

As part of the Night City Wire stream, CD Projekt RED went into more detail on the Lifepaths players will be picking as part of the character creation process in Cyberpunk 2077. It was already known that choosing a specific Lifepath was necessarily going to give players a distinct “prologue” to set up the circumstances of the character’s story. Still, subtle details have been a little more sparse.

The Street Kid path is pretty much what it sounds like: homeboys, chavs, cholos, whatever your particular regional slang term for people who are thoroughly urbanized. You may not be in a gang, but there’s a certain amount of “gangsta” sensibilities to your outlook and your social circles. The Nomad path could probably best be described as “The Real Pirates of Silicon Valley.” Made up of people just poor enough not to be able to live in Night City, but only affluent sufficient to avoid a cardboard box under a bridge, Nomads are a cultural melange, the displacement circumstances of Okies during the Great Depression mixed with the egalitarian ethos of the Golden Age of Piracy, where “family” is as much by adoption as it is by blood. As for the Corpo path, that one is oddly specific, putting players in the role of an Arasaka security operative who’s been cast aside, rather than giving the option to pick which corporation they might have worked for.

Previous streams and previews have shown what is coming to be known as the “Flathead” mission, but today’s stream gave some examples of how your character’s Lifepath might affect how that mission plays out. To briefly recap: the booster-gang Maelstrom pulled a heist on arms manufacturer Militech, stealing a remote-controlled bot known as a Flathead, and several interested parties want to get it.

Players who picked the Corpo path will be getting distinct dialogue options when dealing with the Militech executive who is trying to get the bot back, recognizing that they’re trying to clean up a mess. Nomads will also be getting different options of a more technical nature with the executive. Street Kids, on the other hand, will be getting distinct options with Maelstrom, a chance to gain some standing with the gang and maybe a marker they could call in later.

Players will be able to get the full experience when Cyberpunk 2077 drops on November 19.

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