Dakko Dakko’s Dan Croucher says a 3DS version of Scram Kitty is not out of the question, Dakko Dakko on future plans

When the Wii U was announced and some of its upcoming eShop games were detailed their was one game that definitely stood out I don’t know what it was about the game but it stood out. Perhaps it was that the game looked really fun and cool, or maybe it is the reason I have often joked about the game for the past year in multiple conversations meaning the name of the game, Scram Kitty and his buddy on rails. Finally after a good while the game has been released for most Wii U owners to play but there is a new question buzzing around about whether the game might ever come to the 3DS platform.

Director Dan Croucher, speaking with Cubed3, said that a version for the handheld isn’t “totally out of the question”.

Here is his full answer:

Nothing’s totally out of the question! 3DS is an amazing system, and we’d love to try it out, but we want to see how things go on Wii U first.

Croucher also spoke briefly about future plans such as a possible Scram Kitty sequel and even stating they have loads of ideas for future projects.

Here is the rest of Crouchers comment:

We have many plans for the future, partly depending on how Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails is received. We have loads of ideas for a sequel, and loads of ideas for new games, so we’ll have to see how thing pan out.

That is all she wrote how about you would like to see a 3DS version of Scram Kitty would it perhaps entice you to purchase the game. For me personally I will wait until the game is released on the Australian eShop and check it out on my Wii U but a 3DS version could most definitely be interesting.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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