Super Smash Brothers Picture of the Day 5/19/14 Little Mac gone beserk

Another week another set of new picture of the day’s to come. Today for Little Mac fans you will get a view of Little Mac gone crazy in what I can only assume is his final smash, the interesting part is how Sakurai has chosen to word today’s message and putting it all through the eyes of Olimar as one of his reports, essentially showing a much smaller Olimar staring down a rampaging Little Mac and reporting his discovery on he strange creatures. It is a pretty cool picture and a great message so without further adu, Sakurai has taken to Miiverse to deliver his latest picture of the day and the following message:

Pic of the day. Under certain circumstances, the creatures on this planet appear to grow larger and go berserk. The Pikmin and I must be cautious lest we lose our heads to these beasts.

Source: Miiverse

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