Dave The Diver: How To Defeat John Watson

John Watson is one of the mini-bosses you will encounter multiple times in Dave the Diver. This antagonist seeks to defend the Blue Hole from trespassers, who he claims are harming the environment. Sadly, Dave is one of his targets, and the diver will have to fight John Watson more than once to keep exploring the vast ocean. This guide covers how to defeat John Watson each time he appears in Dave the Diver.

How To Defeat John Watson In Chapter 2

John Watson 2

You will first meet John Watson while progressing through Chapter 2 in Dave the Diver. During this fight, he’s not a big threat, as his health is fairly low compared to later battles against him. You can use any of your Guns to defeat him, and it will take only a little while.

John Watson is prone to using two major attacks which you need to avoid to stay alive in the battle:

  • Grenade Launcher: John Watson will throw grenades at you to inflict a heavy amount of damage. You can’t parry them or knock them away, so simply dodge the grenades.
  • Captain’s Dash: Whenever John Watson starts to swing his arms, it is a warning for you to move away from your current place. This is because he is preparing to dash quickly at you and take out a large chunk of your Oxygen.

Once you win the fight, John Watson will make a hole in the ground and flee away. Unfortunately, he’s not gone for good – he will show up again soon!

How To Defeat John Watson In Chapter 4

John Watson 4

In Chapter 4, you will be required to find the Glacier Passage Key in the Sea People cemetery. Once inside, you must solve a tricky puzzle that asks you to put three marked stones in the correct sequence, as shown in the image above. After that, the key will pop out from the ground, and you will be able to collect it. Soon after, an earthquake will happen, and Gadons—the mutated Sea People—will come out. Your job here is to escape the graveyard without getting caught by a Gadon, so keep yourself hidden.

John Watson 4 1

Once you leave the graves, you will see John Watson waiting for you; this time, he is absolutely determined to defeat you. The enemy has equipped himself with a new robotic type of armor, which is invulnerable to any weapons, so your guns will be useless. This time, he will use three different attacks:

  • Missiles: John Watson will launch missiles towards you to inflict damage. Now, since no weapon can work against the enemy’s suit, you can use these missiles to deal damage to him. The missiles launched by the enemy slow down after some time. You can hit them with a baseball bat, knocking them back at him to deal damage. This is the only way to defeat him, so quickly pick up a bat from the yellow crate on the ground. Now, start hitting the missiles whenever you get a chance, and keep repeating this process until he loses.
  • Long Hands: While using this attack, John Watson will try to hit you by stretching his hands to an unimaginable extent. Here, you must stay far away from him and avoid his attacks.
  • Captain’s Dash: This is the same type of attack you witnessed in chapter 2 while fighting John Watson. He will come rushing towards an incredible speed to inflict massive damage. The only way to avoid this attack is to rely on dodges.

Once again, John Watson will flee the scene after being defeated. There is one more showdown with John Watson coming up near the end of the game to put down this “environmental protector” for good!

How To Defeat John Watson (& Kronosaurus) In Chapter 6

John Watson 6

In Chapter 6, just before reaching the Sea People’s Control Room in the Hydrothermal Vents area, you will meet John Watson for the last time. This time, he will come with a submarine named Dekken 9, which has the capability to launch multiple missiles simultaneously. 

John Watson 6 1

However, this is going to be something other than a dedicated fight! You just have to keep dodging the missiles until Kronosaurus a sea monster, comes out and destroys John Watson’s submarine. This will eventually lead to a bigger fight which will take place between you and Kronosaurus. It will attack rapidly by spitting fire and shooting boulders at you. To defeat it, pick up the enormous gun John Watson dropped and fire it at Kronosaurus several times.

Unfortunately, John Watson does not survive his encounter with the Kronosaurus, so this will be the last time you encounter him in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. And let us know if you have any questions regarding this game or if you want any specific topics covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is currently available on PC via Steam.

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