Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The “Extreme Biome Makeover” Quest

Once the newest Disney Dreamlight Valley resident, Wreck-it Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz, has moved in, players can complete a series of Friendship Quests to increase their bond with her. Vanellope’s quest line centers around the energetic racer finding ways to have fun in the calmer, more laid-back environment of Dreamlight Valley. The first step in this quest chain, “Extreme Biome Makeover,” is unlocked once Vanellope’s friendship level reaches 2. This guide will cover how to complete this quest and make Dreamlight Valley feel more like home for Vanellope with some candy-inspired redecorating.

Plant & Grow The Candy Seeds

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Start the “Extreme Biome Makeover” quest by talking to Vanellope. She will give you ten Candy Seeds and ask you to plant and grow them. These seeds can be planted anywhere in the Valley, with no specific Biome requirements. They take about one minute in real time to grow, and need to be watered only once using your Royal Watering Can. Alternately, you can use Miracle Growth Elixir or Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir to make them bloom instantly.

Once the plants have grown, harvest the resulting Candy Cane Sprouts  and return to Vanellope. Using her sugar-based powers, she will turn them into Candy Cane Trees. She will then give you tons of candy-themed items to decorate around her House, starting the next phase of the quest.

Create A “Candy Biome”

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Vanellope Von Schweetz wants you to turn the area around her house into a “Candy Biome.” To do so, you must put down 5 Giant Lollipops, 5 Candy Cane Trees, and 50 pieces of Sugar Cookie Pavement. Vanellope will give you twice as many materials as you need, so feel free to get creative and use them all even if it is not required!

All of the decorations need to be placed near Vanellope’s House. If you do not have enough room to do this, you may need to move her House to a different Biome or clear trees, rocks, and other debris out of the area. She requests that the Pavement is made to look like a race track, but her requirements for this are not strict, so you can get creative. If you need an example, below is what Kate created for this step of the quest:

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Make Vanellope’s Kart

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The last thing Vanellope needs to make her perfect “Candy Biome” is her iconic racing kart from Sugar Rush. First, you will need to combine the Kart Syrup she gives you with the proper ingredients to make a Sugar Kart Seat, Sugar Kart Tail, and four Sugar Kart Wheels.

The total ingredients you will need for all kart pieces are:

  • 6 Wheat
  • 5 Sugarcane
  • 4 Egg
  • 2 Butter
  • 1 Milk

Eggs, Milk, and Butter can be purchased at Remy’s Restaurant. Wheat can be grown from Wheat Seeds or purchased at Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. Sugarcane can be grown from Sugarcane Seeds or purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach.

Once you have gathered the needed ingredients, bake the six Kart Pieces at any Cooking Station, such as the one in Remy’s Restaurant. Give the pieces to Vanellope – but, unfortunately, she’s still not quite satisfied. Her kart requires some electronic parts, a power source, and some pastry glue to keep the pieces together.

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You can find the three Electronic Junk pieces and the two Power Sources scattered around the interior of Wall-E’s House. However, when it comes to glue, you’ll need to talk to the right villager. Vanellope mentions that you need someone who knows a lot about pastries, so Remy is the correct answer. (There are other villagers who you can talk to, but they are not required and will just direct you to Remy.)

After handing off the electronic pieces and Superglue to Vanellope, she will tell you that it will take some time to assemble her kart. This will complete the “Extreme Biome Makeover” quest, and let you move on to the next step in Vanellope’s friendship quest chain.

But, there are plenty of other quests to complete and Disney and Pixar characters to bond with in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So make sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides to learn how to make Boba Tea, bring Woody from Toy Story to your Valley, and much more!

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