Dave The Diver: How To Defeat The Giant Squid

Dave the Diver adventures inside the Blue Hole to find some of the best fish for his customers at the Sushi Bar. But the atmosphere is not so friendly inside the vast ocean, as some formidable foes are ready to turn Dave into their prey. Some of these big vicious creatures, like the Giant Squid, are bosses that one will encounter while progressing through the main story. The Giant Squid may be the first game boss, but it’s far from easy to defeat. This Dave the Diver guide will help you locate and take down this enormous creature – not to mention harvesting its valuable parts!

Where To Find The Giant Squid In Dave The Diver

To start your search for the Giant Squid, you first need to take on a specific main story quest named Leahs-chan Rescue. Duff will ask you to bring him a Pink Delivery Box, which the Giant Squid is keeping in its tentacles.

Under Shipwreck

The Giant Squid lies under the Sunken Ship area. You need to dive into the Blue Hole and keep moving down from the left side until you encounter the yellow shipwreck. It is approximately in the Normal depth region, which is usually around 110-120 meters deep. Once you’re there, get near the shipwreck and click OK to enter the arena where the Giant Squid resides. (The first time you enter the ship, you will need to use your Cutter to get inside, but after that, you will just need to press OK.)

How To Defeat The Giant Squid In Dave The Diver

To rescue Duff’s precious figurine, you must defeat the Giant Squid. How can you beat this massive enemy? Avoid its attacks while focusing on its weak point – its enormous eye. The attack pattern of the Giant Squid is easy to learn, as it mainly uses the three moves listed below:

Attack 1: Tentacles 


While using this attack, the Giant Squid will try to harm you with its huge Tentacles, which will pop out from nowhere and inflict damage. Watch out for the areas where a little bit of dust comes out from the walls and floor, as this indicates where the next Tentacle will pop out. Move away from those areas to avoid getting hit.

Attack 2: Ink Spray

Ink Spray

The Giant Squid throws black ink from its mouth, which pushes Dave very far away from it. This will make it hard to see while giving the Squid time to prepare its next attack. Its Tentacles will also continue popping out and attacking Dave as he makes his way through the ink, so keep your eyes open!

Attack 3: Tentacle Whack

Tentacle Whack

This attack is usually used by the Giant Squid when you are very close to its eye. The tight slap will both move you away and decrease your oxygen level, which can be dangerous, as you will have to restart the fight if your oxygen hits zero.

If you want to finish up the Giant Squid, you need to hit its massive eye around 4-5 times, and your work will be done! However, if you try to get closer to the enemy, it will either cover its eyes or slap you away with its massive Tentacles, which means the Harpoon Gun will not be effective enough. You should use a Gun such as the Red Sniper Rifle as it is the best for hitting an enemy from a long range. 

Tip: You will find lots of Oxygen and Ammunition crates scattered in the fighting arena. But, do not collect them before starting the fight! Use them when you are in serious need of them in the midst of the ongoing battle with the Giant Squid.

Pink Box 1

Once you finish off the Squid cut off its Tentacles and pick up Duff’s Pink Delivery Box. Simply bring the item to the surface and hand it over to Duff to complete the Leahs-chan Rescue quest.

That’s all you need to know about defeating the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, make sure to share it with your friends! And do let us know if you have any questions in mind regarding this game or if you want any specific topics to be covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is currently available on PC via Steam.


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