We Are Eva: How To Beat Levels 1-15

We Are Eva is a precision platformer developed and published by Totally Normal Creature which takes place across multiple dimensions. While on the surface, We Are Eva may seem like a normal platformer, there is a twist: each time you die, the level changes. This can be a large change or a subtle one, but it does mean that an understanding of the game’s mechanics is vital to success.

The goal of each level is to reach the white portal. Some levels will have other objectives that you need to achieve in order for the portal to open, such as tears which need to be repaired or monsters that need to be killed. This guide will walk you through levels 1-15 of this difficult platforming game. However, it is worth noting that, if you die on a level, this guide may not be accurate for the remainder of that level.

Level 1

We Are Eva Level 1

Level one of We Are Eva is a very straight-forward one. Run straight forwards towards the white portal at the end, jumping to get passed the risen parts of the ground.

We Are Eva uses some unusual controls, particularly if you are playing on keyboard. Level one teaches you that, in order to jump, players need to press C on keyboard or A on a controller.

Level 2

We Are Eva Level Two

Level two is slightly more complicated than level one, however, it features a very similar mechanic. To get to the portal in the bottom left section of the screen, jump onto the floating island in the center and then from the island onto the tall piece of land on the other side. From here, you can drop down into the portal.

Level 3

We Are Eva Level Three

Level three introduces you to the air-jump or double jump mechanic, which can be performed by tapping the jump button again in mid-air. Only one double jump can be done at a time, and Eva needs to put her feet back on the ground before she can jump again.

To complete level three, jump onto the raised platform in front of Eva and then double jump onto the taller section in the middle of the platform. From here, double jump onto the floating island in the middle of the screen and double jump again onto the ground sticking out of the right side of the screen. From here, you can double jump again into the exit portal.

Level 4

We Are Eva Level Four

Level four gives the player a bit more time to get used to the double jump mechanic. To complete this level, either jump across onto the square block next to Eva’s starting position or drop down onto the lower rectangular block. Double jump from there to the larger square in the middle of the screen, and then double jump again to the exit portal.

Level 5

We Are Eva Level Five

Level five is where you are first introduced to the game’s multiple dimensions. At first, it can seem a little bit confusing. Eva will explain that the green dimension is the one that we have been working in so far, and the brown dimension is a separate one we can switch to. The black sections are areas that overlap and exist in both dimensions.

You can toggle whether or not you can see both dimensions at once or just the one you are currently in by pressing space on keyboard or B on controllers. You can tell which dimension you are currently in based on the color of Eva’s skin. To jump between the two dimensions, press the X key on keyboard or right trigger on controller.

To leave the box you start in, switch to the brown dimension. Double jump onto the brown block which is sticking up in the middle of the screen. From here, you can walk to the end of the level and jump into the portal.

Level 6

We Are Eva Level Six

Level six is designed to act as a playground where you can switch between dimensions and experiment a bit. There are a few different ways you can complete this level.

Starting the level in the brown dimension, double jump up the ledges in the starting area and then onto the floating cube. From here, you can jump across onto the long platform on the left side of the screen. Double jump off the platform onto the cube to complete the level.

Alternatively, you can run along the bottom of the level, switching from green to brown to green to brown until you reach the left-hand side of the screen. From here, ensure you are in the brown dimension, and jump up the staircase to the long platform. Double jump off the platform onto the cube and into the portal.

Be careful not to switch dimensions in a way that will trap you in a wall, as this will kill Eva and may result in the level changing!

Level 7

We Are Eva Level Seven

To beat level seven, start in the green dimension. Jump across the gap to get to the narrow platform opposite the starting area, and then switch to the brown dimension. From here, you can double jump onto the floating brown block and to the end of the level. If you miss the jump, don’t panic! You can double jump from the ledge at the bottom of the screen to the portal and finish the level that way.

Level 8

We Are Eva Level Eight

Level eight introduces you to the concept that each dimension has something unique about it. In this case, the brown dimension is sticky. This means it is slightly harder to move through, but also allows Eva to stick to the wall and wall jump. To grab the wall, press Z on the keyboard or left trigger on a controller.

To beat this level, wall jump between the two walls at the start until you are standing on the L-shaped platform in the middle. Then, use the grab button again to slide down the wall at the left side of the platform and jump off when low enough to land on the ground beneath the portal.

Level 9

We Are Eva Level Nine

Level nine is some more wall jump practice. Double jump and grab onto the floating square block to the right of the start. Then, wall jump off it to the highest block. Continue wall jumping until you get enough height to stand on top of the block. From here, you can double jump across to the platform by the end and fall into the portal to finish the level.

Level 10

We Are Eva Level Ten

Level 10 introduces Eva to her true purpose, which is to close interdimensional tears. In order to repair a tear, Eva simply needs to get close to it. The end of the level will only open up once it is fixed. Only one of the tears needs to be fixed for the level to complete.

To repair the brown tear, Eva can drop down at the start of the level and then use the walls on either side to wall jump back up. Due to the distance between the walls, a double jump will need to be used.

To get to the green tear, switch to the green dimension at the beginning of the level. Double jump up onto the platform and walk to the tear. From the green platform, you can drop down into the exit portal  .

Level 11

We Are Eva Level 11

To close the green tear, jump onto the lower brown block in the middle. From there, wall jump between the far right and upper middle blocks to land underneath the portal. Double jump from this platform to the upper middle block and close the tear before jumping back down to enter the portal.

Level 12

We Are Eva Level 12

Level 12 is a simple one. Double jump from the starting platform onto the middle floating platform. Double jump again to the upper left platform to close the brown tear. Retrace your steps, being careful not to accidentally hit the ceiling as Eva will die if she touches the edge of the screen, and drop down into the portal.

Level 13

We Are Eva Level 13

Level 13 marks the end of the tutorial and also introduces traps. You must avoid the traps, as they can harm or kill Eva.

To complete the level, start in the brown dimension. Use double jump to wall jump between the wall to the left of the starting platform and the edge of the platform above it. Do this until you are standing on one of the platforms in the middle of the screen. Double jump across to the platform to the left, making sure to jump through the brown tear on the way. From here, drop down into the portal to finish the level.

Level 14

We Are Eva Level 14

The easiest way to beat level 14 is in the green dimension, provided you are prepared to watch out for the spike traps.

Step onto the moving green block and ride it up enough to walk onto the long green platform. Walk across to the green tear, making sure to double jump over the spikes on the ground, and fix the tear. Double jump back over the spikes and use the floating green platform again to jump into the portal.

Be careful not to stay on the platform for too long, as touching the top of the level will kill Eva.

Level 15

We Are Eva Level 15

Level 15 is the first time you encounter a new color of dimension, this time being faced with the blue dimension – Eva’s favorite! The blue dimension makes Eva extra bouncy and lets a single jump reach much further.

To beat the level, enter the blue dimension and double jump across to the blue platform on the right-hand side of the screen. Close the blue tear. Double jump down to the lower blue platform on the ground. When ready, open dimension view and double jump across towards the portal. It is unlikely that the jump will go far enough to reach the exit so, when you are over the green platform that sticks out from the pillar in the center of the screen, switch to the green dimension and land on the platform. From here, you can jump into the portal.

That’s how to beat the first 15 levels of We Are Eva. There are tons more levels in this tricky platformer, so keep an eye out for other guides from GameLuster!

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