Dave The Diver: How To Defeat The Mantis Shrimp

After finishing off the fight with the, Truck Hermit Crab, you will be tasked to take on even more massive enemies. The second Vortex boss is the menacing Mantis Shrimp, which appears on stormy nights. However, to fight it, you must know its attack pattern, have a good strategy, and much more. This guide will discuss everything you need to know to defeat the Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver.

Where To Find The Mantis Shrimp In Dave The Diver

Vortex Location

In order to take on Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver, you first need to find its Vortex, which spawns in the Shallows of the Blue Hole. But remember that these whirlpools appear only during Stormy Nights, so you must wait for the right weather. Jump into the ocean and swim to the right. Eventually, you will find the Vortex at a depth of around 30-50 meters

Once you find the Vortex, get near it and click on the OK option on your screen. With this, you will enter the arena where the giant Mantis Shrimp is eagerly waiting to knock you off!

How To Defeat The Mantis Shrimp In Dave The Diver 

Mantis Shrimp 1

Defeating the Mantis Shrimp is tough, but it can be made easy if you know its attack patterns. During the fight, the enemy will use three major attacks, as listed below:

  • Shrimp Punch: This is the primary attack of the Mantis Shrimp. It will try to land a couple of punches on you with its boxing gloves to inflict damage. To avoid these attacks, you must either stay at the very top or very bottom of the battle arena.
  • Power Punch: While using this attack, the Mantis will slightly turn its body towards you while keeping its left hand at the back so as to land a potent punch. On the left side of the arena, you will see a punching bag. Simply go behind it, and use it as a shield to avoid getting hit by that killer punch. You can adjust the punching bag’s position by pulling the nearby chain if needed.
  • Water Current: In this attack, the Mantis Shrimp will slam the ground with its punching gloves. This will spawn a water current, which will push you to the far left of the arena and into a wall of spikes. This can be very dangerous, as the hits from the spikes will deplete a huge amount of Oxygen. 

The only way to defeat the Mantis Shrimp is to hit its eyes the way you did with the Giant Squid. Whenever the Shrimp tries to punch you, pull down the chain to lift up the punching bag. This will make the Shrimp miss his shots, and it will get stunned for a few seconds. Use this as an opportunity and perform hits against it with your gun—a great pick for this fight is the Red Sniper Rifle because of its long range. Keep repeating this process, and you will defeat the Shrimp soon!

That’s all you need to know about defeating the Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends! Let us know if you have any questions in mind regarding this game or if you want any specific topics to be covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is available on PC via Steam.

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