Dave The Diver Swims Onto Nintendo Switch

You are Dave, a humble diver. By day, you explore the Great Blue Hole, solving mysteries, catching fish, upgrading your equipment and even battling some tricky bosses. At night, you frantically serve sushi to an ever-growing crowd in Bancho’s restaurant. Dave the Diver, a stunning title from developer Mintrocket was announced during the September 14 direct to be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, an announcement that is sure to please fans of the breakout indie hit.

Initially available only for PC and macOS, Dave the Diver initially released on June 28, 2023 to rave reviews. The game combined adventure, exploration, restaurant management, puzzle, combat, and even rogue-like elements as Dave struggles to both keep Bancho Sushi afloat and learn more about what lurks in the depths of the Blue Hole. (And there’s a lot down there – sharks, merpeople, and a suspicious “eco-preservation” group are just a few of the things Dave will encounter as he journeys ever deeper!)

Dive into the Blue Hole and use your guns, harpoons, and nets to catch as many fish as possible so that Bancho can create new dishes and keep his customers satisfied. But keep an eye on both your oxygen levels and your carrying capacity, because if your air runs out, Dave is done for! Then, head to Bancho Sushi and manage your staff, research and serve dishes for the night, pour drinks, and do everything you can to ensure your customers leave you a good rating on Cooksta! With an expansive story, tons of achievements, several mini-games, and more, Dave the Diver will offer plenty of things to keep Nintendo Switch players entertained for hours and hours.

Dave the Diver officially makes its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 26, 2023. Pre-orders and a free demo of the game are both available via the Nintendo eShop starting today. The game is also currently available for PC via Steam, where it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and sold over one million copies.

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