Race For Survival In New Online Battle Royale F-Zero 99

The September 14 Nintendo Direct included many exciting announcements, among them that the long standing hyper-speed racing series F-Zero would be getting a new installment –  though in a slightly different format than previous entries. In the vein of Super Mario 99 and Tetris 99, this installment of F-Zero pits 99 players against each other in one chaotic race.

While taking damage and surviving a race has always been a part of F-Zero, most games have not had nearly this many other cars in the road to contend with. As the name suggests, there are an entire 99 cars on the raceway competing for first place, and you must outrace, outmaneuver, and outlive all of them to do so. It’s important both to stay alive and in a competitive position. No sense being at full health if you’re in last place, and there’s no point dying on your way to second!

To this end, you can spend some of your life meter for a temporary speed boost. To encourage staying in the thick of things, you can collect items known as Super Sparks that drop when other cars collide with each other. Collect enough sparks and your car will literally rise above it all to a new track called the Skyway, free of any other racers and with much easier racing lines than the rest of the course. But you’ll only be there for a brief moment before dropping you back down in whatever position you’ve managed to reach.

You can select several of the classic F-Zero racers to use as your vehicles including the Blue Falcon, Golden Fox, Wild Goose, and Fire Stringray. Each of these can be further customized by completing various tasks, like completing and winning races while piloting the various machines.

As an online exclusive game, F-Zero 99 is only available for Nintendo Switch Online Members, but it is available now and entirely for free. If a little bit of high contact high speed racing is what you’ve been craving, there’s no reason not to go grab it as soon as you can. For people looking to go even deeper into the retro feel, there is a Super Nintendo retro controller available on the Nintendo online shop for Nintendo Switch Online Members as well!

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