Dave The Diver: Where To Find The Microphone

When the titular Dave the Diver first meets the Sea People, he can’t understand their language. Fortunately, you can change this by gathering some required products: Stone Slab, Amethyst, and Microphone. Finding the first two items is relatively easy, but the Microphone can be a bit tricky to find as it lies hidden within the Blue Hole. This handy guide covers where to find the Microphone to help create the Sea People Translation Device in Dave the Diver .

Where To Find The Microphone In Dave The Diver 

Dr. Bacon

In order to find Microphone in Dave the Diver, you first need to trigger a specific quest, Sea People Language Translator, by talking to Dr. Bacon. From there, he will give you hints on where you can find the listed items in the massive Blue Hole. So, prepare some good upgraded weapons, as there will be creatures roaming around that may attack you while exploring.

Under Shipwreck

The Microphone, can be found in the yellow Shipwreck, as shown in the image above. It is in the same place where you fought the game’s first boss, the Giant Squid.


Dive into and keep going until you find the yellow sunken ship in the Normal Depth region (usually around 110-120 meters down). The shipwreck is on the left side of the Blue Hole, near a wall.  Once you get near the ship, click OK to enter the “Under Sunkenship” area. The Microphone is simply lying on the ground under the ship, and can be picked up.

Tip: As you go along your path, you will come across several valuable items like weapons and their upgrades, various fish, and, most importantly, oxygen, which will help you stay under the water for a little longer. So, make sure not to miss out on any of these!

That’s all you need to know about finding the Microphone in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. And do let us know if you have any questions in mind regarding this game, or if you want any specific topics to be covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is currently available on PC via Steam.


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