Dave The Diver: How To Catch Moray Eel

Fishing is one of the core aspects of Dave the Diver, as the fish you catch will be served at Bancho’s Sushi Bar. You will encounter a myriad of fish in the massive Blue Hole, at a variety of depths and in many locations. While you can catch most of the fish at any time, some, such as the Moray Eel, appear only at night. You will need to catch at least one Moray to complete a customer’s quest. So, this guide will cover how to catch a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver so that you don’t miss out on this elegant fish.

How To Catch Moray Eel In Dave The Diver

Night Dive

As mentioned above, you will be able to catch Moray Eels only during nighttime. To do so, you need to activate a specific quest named A Noisy Customer, where you will be tasked to serve Moray Curry to a customer named Otto. By activating the quest, you will now be able to dive at night, so get ready to embark on a new fishing journey!

Moray Eel

You can find Moray Eel in the very early section of the Blue Hole, where the depth is around 28 to 30 meters. In the central area, you will likely encounter a White Tip Reef Shark, and just nearby will be a Moray Eel roaming around, as shown in the screenshot image above. The Moray is aggressive and will attack you, so it is better to stay at a safe distance and use your guns to kill it.

That said, once you have the Moray Eel with you, head back to the Sushi Bar and have Bancho make Otto his Moray Curry to finish up this side quest. Moray Eel Meat is pretty valuable, so you might want to catch several of these slippery creatures on future dives!

That’s all you need to know about catching Moray Eel in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. And do let us know if you have any questions in mind regarding this game or if you want any specific topics to be covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is currently available on PC via Steam.


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