DayZ creator hopes to bring the game to consoles “sooner rather than later”

I have had my eyes on Day Z for quite some time now, not so much for the game itself but I have always found it interesting to see how these games position the players to react when they thrown into a world where there is no clear objective and they are forced to survive. This also creates an interesting view on how the players react to each other, are they friend or foe. This works well for the PC version of the game and it would be interesting to see if this transition could be done as effectively to consoles.

For a while now the creator of Day Z Dean Hall has expressed his interest in seeing his creation hit the console platform.

Speaking with MCV, Hall said that he’d like to see the open-world game release on new systems “sooner rather than later”. Doing so would allow him to capitalize on the “potential for strong sales”.

Here is Hall’s full comment:

Moving onto consoles would be a natural step but it’s important that the PC comes first and delivers on its promise of experimentation. I think there is a potential for strong sales on the console.

I’d be excited to see what could be done with DayZ on a good console port. It’s an exciting time with the release of the new consoles so I hope we can find a time frame sooner rather than later.

Lets hope this comes to fruition soon as Day Z could be really good on consoles and I would like to see the developer get somewhere in sales as Day Z is an interesting experiment, I also hope to see games similar to this hit consoles as I love the ideas and the consoles could to improve them, especially Day Z.

Source: VideoGamer

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