New Free to Play Unreal Tournament Announced

Are you a fan of the Unreal Tournament games, well are you, if you are you will be exited to know that Epic Games has announced Unreal Tournament 4 for PC, Mac, and Linux. The company will co-develop the game with the Unreal Engine 4 development community.

Here is what we know about the upcoming game:

– Will be co-developed with the Unreal Engine 4 dev community
– “not free to play, just free”
– Fans with an Unreal Engine 4 subscription can participate in the crowdsourced development
– Fan-created mods playing an integral role in its life post-launch
– Epic will have a marketplace where creators can give away or sell their custom content
– Epic’s cut from those sales is what will pay for the game

“We see this as an ongoing project with no end date. Unreal Tournament will be the base both for the continued evolution of the competitive FPS, and as a great way to enable aspiring developers to realize their visions for this kind of game.” – project lead Steve Polge

– Game comes from a “small team of Unreal Tournament veterans”

“we see a unique opportunity to re-invent the competitive FPS.” Epic will will work closely with the community to decide what is included in the core Unreal Tournament game, but at the same time we plan to blur that distinction by making it extremely easy for gamers to access any community-built content they find interesting.”

– Won’t be ready right away
– As soon as there’s a playable alpha, Epic will launch it so anyone can play
– Fans can also contribute feedback in Epic’s forums if they aren’t development-minded

Are you excited because if you enjoy Unreal Tournament, you will like it more when you can play for the cheap cost of nothing. So look forward to Unreal Tournament 4.


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