Deadpool is coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One

For better or for worse we are in the era of video game remasters where it doesn’t matter if a game was the best of its kind or one that failed to find its place the first time around it can still make a return. This is the case with Deadpool, while the game certainly had some humor to it and had an interesting premise it never quite reached the mass popularity and sales it would have hoped for. Based on the stories the game was not that great and doomed it developer High Moon Studios to a life of last generation ports.

Even still the game is making a return with Deadpool annoying studios into bringing him to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Pre-orders have popped up for the game for a current generation version of the game due to arrive on November 17th for $49.99. Nothing has been said about the port other then the knowledge that all previously released downloadable content will be included in the release.

There is no real reason for this remaster but on Activision’s part, but it is probably a marketing tool for the upcoming Deadpool movie as it tries to make a cash grab from movie fans.

I wonder what is next for remasters if Deadpool can be brought back.

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