Death Stranding 2 Announced, Elle Fanning Involvement Confirmed

Earlier this year Elle Fanning indicated that she was working with Hideo Kojima on a new project, but could not say what that project was. As of tonight’s Game awards, we can now confirm that the project was Death Stranding 2, which is a chronological sequel to the previous Death Stranding. Details on the story were light, but it seems that time has progressed considerably, based on a visibly aged  and white haired Sam Porter Bridges visible in the trailer.


It looks like the gameplay loop will remain similar to the original game, with a lot of the same traversal and luggage carrying, as well as the fighting away from the eldritch entities and being brought back from death by a link to a small child.


There’s a twist there too, given that the child is a toddler, as opposed to a premature birth, and not in a life support pod. Speaking of that life support pod, there’s something strange going on with what seems to be BB’s pod, with a spectral child and later tentacles appearing inside it. Most intriguing of all is that the trailer ends with a new character staring directly into the camera before the cryptic line “should we have connected?” appears, questioning the very ethos of the original game.

Death Stranding 2 does not yet have a release date

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