Decapre: New Ultra Street Fighter IV Character?

Street Fighter is notorious for recycling character types, and trying to pass them off as a brand new entity.  One only needs to look to the similar fighting styles of Ken, Ryu, Dan, and Akuma.  More recently, Gouken.  Not really complaining, since I favor Ken’s speed and arching dragon punch over Ryu, Akuma is a cheap powerhouse, and Gouken has an overwhelming sense of weight to his character, to the point where they all feel very different.  Capcom, rehashing characters since the 90s!

New to the Street Fighter fold, in a way, is the character, Decapre.  She will appear in the new/newly revamped Ultra Street Fighter IV.  Which may or may not be the definitive Street Fighter IV release.  Anyways, she is a Cammy look alike, that wears a Vega-type mask.  She should be wearing a full mask, but for her debut, Capcom opted for a half mask.  I personally prefer the full mask, of her original design.

Decapre is one of M. Bison’s many, many Dolls.  All of which usually dress and act (at least within the game) like Cammy.  Previous Dolls to show up in the Street Fighter series were Juri and Juni, which were two pretty pointless characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3.  They felt like inferior versions of Cammy, as far as playability goes.  At least to me.

Decapre, on the other hand, may look and feel like a Cammy clone, share a lot of the same move set, but she at least has a few of her own attacks, and appears to be able to hold her own in battle.  She wields a pair of glowing purple claws, which kind of reminds me of Psylock, from Xmen.  Oh, and Decapre has a Russian accent.  So yeah, totally not Cammy.  Please, disregard the Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike attacks.  Or is it Needle Spike?  I don’t remember.  The thrusty, flying, uppercut kick?  Yeah, that one.

Decapre will join the roster, along with Hugo and Poison -from Final Fight-, Rolento -from Street Fighter Alpha-, and Elena -from Street Fighter III-.  Look forward to the digital upgrade in June, with the game retailing in August for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.



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