SteamWorld Dig on PS4 and PS Vita

SteamWorld Dig will be available on the PS4 and PS Vita, today!  It will see a release in Europe on March 19th.  It retails at $9.99 in the U.S. and 8.99€  in Europe.  It will also have a 20% discount on the PSN, during Sony’s Spring Fever promotion!  Oh, only for Playstation Plus members for the first week.

I had the chance to play SteamWorld Dig on Steam.  It was one of the most satisfying games I’ve played in a really long time.  Perhaps, even ever?  I gave it a 4/5.  If it wasn’t for an abrupt ending, it would have received a perfect score!  It’s that good.  Seriously.  SteamWorld Dig has received critical acclaim since the initial release and has been garnered with nothing but praise.  And rightly deserved!

For those unfamiliar with this quirky little title, SteamWorld Dig is a side-scrolling, platform, adventure game that follows a robotic cowboy, named Rusty.  He finds himself in a small town, where his uncle left him a deed to a mine.  His adventure begins when he learns that his uncle is dead, and something spectacular, and sinister, lies beneath this unsuspecting western town.

The gameplay is excellent.  There’s power ups galore, and the more you mine, the more you find, the more money you make.  And the more money you have, the better the upgrades!  SteamWorld Dig makes you feel like an exploration master, and the difficulty ramps just enough to be challenging, but never to the point of all out rage.  The story, gameplay, leveling system, beautiful artwork, and amazing animation make this a must play!

Be sure to check it out on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Nintendo 3DS!  There’s no reason not to experience this game.

Source: Press Release

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