Deviljho and More Coming to Monster Hunter: World’s First Major Title Update

The Deviljho was announced before Monster Hunter: World’s launch, and now eager hunters will finally be able to take on this Brute Wyvern on March 22.

Killing a Deviljho will give players the ability to craft two new armor sets, Vangis α and Vangis β, which are made out of Deviljho parts. In addition, 14 new weapons – or one new weapon for each weapon type – will be craftable, as well as one new Palico set. A weapon balance update for all 14 weapon types will take place the same day.

The update also adds the Spring Blossom Fest. This is a seasonal event where players can partake in daily activities. The gathering hub will be decorated with a colorful springtime theme. This event will begin on April 5 and end April 18.

Two event quests will take place during the month of April as well. One will enable the player to craft a Mega Man voxel set of gear for the Palico, available from April 13 through April 27. The other will be the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, which was the winner of a weapon design contest held before the game’s release – this will be available on April 6.

Players have begged Capcom to allow the ability to re-edit your character. On March 16, Capcom will release a free voucher on the PlayStation and Xbox stores which will enable players to edit their hunter’s gender, physical appearance and cosmetic appearance. Players will have to buy vouchers with real money if they want to re-edit their character after that.

Look here for the full announcement.

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