Switch System Update 5.0.0 Now Live

A new system update is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Today, Nintendo released update 5.0.0 for the Switch. The update brought a number of changes to the system including the ability to add Facebook and Twitter friends who also have a Switch through Friend Suggestions. Players will also have 24 new ARMS and Kirby series icons for players to use, and will now receive a notification when their pre-purchased software is ready for play.

Other changes that were made in the update include new parental controls. To help keep the parental controls PIN private, the method for PIN entry has changed to using the control stick and buttons, instead of the on-screen number pad. Parents can also add specific software titles to their whitelist to exclude them from the console’s Parental Controls Restricted Software setting.

You can check out all of the changes made through the new update here.


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