Devil’s Thirds online servers are being shut down at the end of the year

Devil’s Third has failed to find an audience and this contributed to many varying factors, for one the single player component was pretty awful as those who played the game have shared. There are many other things that people have disliked, but one redeeming quality that the game had in peoples eyes was the multiplayer, despite a poor single player this component helped to keep some form of the audience.

However, soon Devil’s Third may be restricted to nothing more then a single player, Nintendo has announced that online servers for Devil’s Third will be shutting down as of the end of the year, despite having only been around for about a year now. Officially the feature will shut down on December 29th at 1PM in Japan, in addition the games form of micro-transactions known as Golden Eggs will be no longer be available as of June 27th.

For those in Japan Nintendo has followed this news by dropping the price of the game on the eShop lowering it from 7,236 yen to 3,618 yen. This will come into effect as of June 24th at 10AM Japan time, but Nintendo has not shared the news if the game will eventually get removed from the eShop.

For what it is worth Devil’s Third still has a single player behind it for those interested in the game but this is a huge chunk of the game gone. However, it is worth mentioning that this announcement has been made strictly for Japan, with no mention of how this will affect everyone else in the world. Though I feel that this news speaks for everyone, and Devil’s Third is going strictly single player, that would explain the discount for the game hitting the European eShop this week.

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