Hyrule Warriors Legends Link’s Awakening additional content dated

Need more Hyrule Warriors in your life? If you said yes then you will be excited with the news Koei Tecmo has shared today, the company has revealed that the next batch of additional content will be made available on June 30th (currently Japan only, but I expect the rest of the world will get this the following week, or another announcement will follow), and we know more about what will be included in the content.

As previously revealed the content will bring us a new playable character in the form of Link’s Awakening’s Marin (and I should add it is great to see her again, I still feel bad for her fate in the story), and we will also get a new weapon in the form of the Pegasus Boots for Linkle which will be available on both versions of the game. In addition a new adventure mode map will be added to Legends, and you will get a costume for the My Fairy feature of the game.

This content will cost $6.99 for the 3DS version, $4.99 for the Wii U version, and $9.99 for both. It has also been revealed that the Wii U version of the game will be able to get hold of two content packs, one of these is the season pass which will provide all future content for both games to the Wii U version (there is still two packs to come). Second is the Legends Character pack for $12.99, which gives all the Legends-only characters and weapons for those who never decided to get the 3DS game.

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