Diablo IV: Best Druid Leveling Build For Season 1

Diablo IV’s Season of The Malignant began in mid-July. The season’s events have led to shifts in the game’s meta. With this comes changes to how classes are played and what builds are considered the best. Thankfully for Druid mains, the class is still at the top and not moving from being considered the best class in Diablo IV.

This guide will provide an example of a Druid build to level and play. You can play these builds in the new Season of The Malignant content, or you can just stick to the core game of Diablo IV. The choice is yours!

Leveling Landslide Druid Build In Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks
Sometimes you just have to take in the view.

Landslide is largely considered to be the best skill to use for the first 50 levels of Druid. It deals 75% attack on hit, and will hit twice each time it is activated. Since this skill is so strong, you should ideally buff it both offensively and defensively while leveling your Druid.

When you hit level 50, you should have a total of 48 points from leveling and 10 points from completing the Renown tasks in each Act Zone’s map. This will bring the skill points you can spend to 58.

If you are playing the Druid in the Seasonal mode of the game, you will want to hunt down these three Malignant Hearts: Revenge, The Barber, and Inexorable Force. You can obtain Malignant Hearts by defeating the various Malignant enemies in the game.

  • Revenge: Suppresses 20% of incoming damage. When, using a defensive skill all of the damage that was suppressed will explode and deal 1480 – 2040 Fire Damage
  • The Barber: Critical hits are absorbed into the enemy being attacked. The absorbed damage explodes out of the enemy and hits surrounding enemies.
  • Inexorable Force: Distant enemies are pulled towards you when you have an Ultimate Skill active.

Landslide Druid Core Skills

Lilith from Diablo 4

Your Hotbar should consist of Landslide, Earthen Bulwark, Trample, Petrify and Storm Strike. 

Preserving Earthen Bulwark and Natural Trample can generate something called Fortify, which is a buff that will reduce all incoming damage by 10%

Primal Landslide has a 40% chance to activate a critical attack. Combine this with Enhanced Storm Strike to guarantee a critical hit.

You should have all five of your skills leveled to their final form by level 27.

To utilize this build in combat, you want to focus on a specific damage rotation which will consist of:

  1. Combine Trample with Earthen Bulwark to get Fortified.
  2. Use Storm Strike to generate Spirit, make your enemies Vulnerable, and immobilize them.
  3. Landslide everything in your vicinity – this can kill most bosses in about four hits!

Landslide Druid Leveling Path

diablo 4 classes best

  • Storm Strike to Fierce Storm Strike
  • Landslide to Primal Landslide
  • Heart of the Wild
  • Abundance to Max
  • Wild Impulses to Level 1
  • Trample to Natural Trample
  • Earthen Bulwark to Preserving Earthen Bulwark
  • Petrify to Supreme Petrify
  • Wild Impulses to Max 
  • Natural Disaster to Max
  • Resonance to Max
  • Stone Guard to Max
  • Safeguard to Max
  • Predatory Instinct to Max
  • Defiance to Level 2
  • Ancestral Fortitude to Max
  • Vigilance to Max
  • Defensive Posture to Level 1
  • Nature’s Resolve to Level 1
  • Unrestrained to Max

The above leveling path is also just a suggestion. Feel free to mix and match things as you need or see fit. It’s fun to experiment and and match skills that may or may not be good together!

If you are playing a Druid right now in Diablo IV, what build are you running? Are you enjoying the new Season of The Malignant? Comment below and let us know!

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