Diablo IV: Malignant Hearts Explained

The first Season of Diablo IV just launched this week and with it comes an unforgettable and new gameplay mechanic. Blizzard has set out to make sure that the first Season for their record-breaking game starts with a bang.

For those who aren’t in the know, Seasons are a way many live service games change up the gameplay formula for their dedicated players. Each Season will have new challenges, loot, achievements, and weapons to collect for players.

What Are Malignant Hearts

The four malignant heart types
These are the four Malignant Heart types in Diablo IV

Diablo IV’s new item is Malignant Hearts. There are 32 Malignant Powers to collect and 4 Malignant Heart types. All of the hearts are of equal strength to Legendary aspects. Each offers up different changes to class abilities, pieces of equipment, and stats accordingly.

Blizzard has designed The Malignant Hearts in such a way that permits massive changes to every class in the game by allowing players to equip 3 Hearts at a time. Once you hit level 50, you will begin finding Invokers which are what you need to summon Malignant Monsters. These are the creeps that will drop the Malignant Hearts. To capture a Heart, you need to use the Cage of Binding, which will equip the Heart. All over Sanctuary, the land is covered in a Malignant mass and only you can heal it! And also find good loot for your Barbarian that you’ve been playing this week.

Have you been playing Season 1 of Diablo IV? And if so have you been enjoying it? Let us know below!

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