Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Unlock Buzz Lightyear

The latest update to the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley adds the Toy Story Realm and allows players to invite two of the Pixar franchise’s most iconic characters, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, to move into the Valley. Buzz is the first character who can be convinced to move in, and unlocking Buzz is necessary to unlock Woody. Once Buzz has moved into the Valley, players can complete this diminutive Space Ranger’s Friendship Quests to unlock a variety of rewards.

This guide will cover how to complete the quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space,” which will end with Buzz Lightyear moving into the Valley. This is a multi-step quest that requires unlocking a realm inside Dreamlight Valley’s Castle and visiting the bedroom of Bonnie, a character introduced in Toy Story 3.

Unlock the Toy Story Realm and Meet Buzz

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The Toy Story Realm can be accessed through a door in the Dreamlight Castle. This door is identified by a picture of one of the series’ three-eyed aliens on it. It costs 7000 Dreamlight to unlock this door., which can be earned by completing quests and Dreamlight Duties. Duties rotate daily and include tasks such as giving gifts to villagers, planting and harvesting crops, and catching fish. Players who regularly keep up with their Dreamlight Duties can earn a lot of Dreamlight.

Once you enter the Toy Story Realm, you will be shrunk to the size of a toy and deposited inside Bonnie’s bedroom. Buzz Lightyear is standing on top of a race track constructed around the room. Walk up the red slide to get on top of the race track. Then, talk to Buzz to begin the quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space.”

Build the Track and Rescue Woody

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Once you meet Buzz, he reveals that his voice box is not working well. Buzz will ask you to find two AA batteries scattered around the room. One is next to Bonnie’s nightstand, and the other is underneath a leaning book next to the toy oven.

Next, Buzz explains that Woody got locked outside the window and that you need to fix the race track to send a car to rescue him. Buzz needs ten track pieces scattered around the room. All ten are on the ground – none are on the elevated track where Buzz is standing. There are two types of pieces – long, straight ones and smaller pieces with two bumps. Don’t forget to check inside Bonnie’s closet, as there are pieces hiding in there.

The ten pieces of track are located:

  1. Just in front of the bedside table
  2. Next to a green box beside the leg of the bed
  3. On the floor in Bonnie’s closet
  4. Next to the toy ladder
  5. In front of the toy oven
  6. In the far corner of the room, next to the green chair and the blue book leaning against the wall
  7. Next to the yellow box, just to the right of piece number six
  8. Under the table where Buzz is standing, next to scraps of paper
  9. Under the table where Buzz is standing, next to a toy teddy bear
  10. Next to the stacked play mats in the corner of the room

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Deliver the track pieces to Buzz and he runs into another problem: the track is not tall enough. He will ask you to find five magic growing cacti around the room. Once again, all five pieces are on the ground, and one is hiding inside the closet which is where you might not think to look at first. These are a little harder to find, as they don’t actually look like cacti – rather, they simply look like colorful disks.

The five magical growing cacti are located:

  • On the ground inside Bonnie’s closet (Green Cactus)
  • To the left of the bedside table (Blue Cactus)
  • At the base of the stairs used to climb to Buzz’s table (Red Cactus)
  • To the left of the toy oven, underneath the track (Blue Cactus)
  • In the corner near the stacked-up play mats (Green Cactus)

Once you have collected all five cacti, place them under the fallen pieces of track in the designated glowing spots. There are only three glowing spots – two of the spots use two cacti each.

The three missing pieces of track are located:

  • Next to the green chair, propped up by blocks
  • In front of the glowing portal used to exit the Toy Story Realm, propped up by blocks
  • In front of the closet door, propped up by a mix of blocks and toy pots

Once all five cacti have been placed, use your Royal Watering Can and water them to make them grow. Talk to Buzz once more to successfully launch the car, open the window latch, and rescue Woody.

Photograph Bonnie’s Drawings

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Climb the track and walk across Bonnie’s bed to talk to Woody and Buzz by the window. Woody and Buzz are both interested in moving to the Valley, but first, they want to help restore the toy farm that Bonnie built. Unfortunately, neither toy can remember what the farm looked like, so they ask you to use your Camera to photograph four drawings hung around the room. Each of the drawings that you need is drawn on colored construction paper and has gold stars on it.

Simply take a picture of each drawing and make sure that the drawing is sufficiently large and the whole drawing is included in the picture. Any type of picture featuring the drawing is fine, so selfies with you in them are OK too!

The four drawings detailing Bonnie’s farm are found in the following locations:

  • One is just below the window where Woody and Buzz are standing. It is drawn on green paper and shows pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and glue.
  • One is on the wall inside Bonnie’s closet. It is drawn on blue paper and shows origami animals.
  • One is inside the white bench next to the wall. It is drawn on yellow paper and shows a farmhouse decorated with flowers.
  • One is on the green wall to the left of the toy oven, just above the white baseboards. It is drawn on pink paper and shows more origami animals.

Once you have taken pictures of all four drawings, return to the window and talk to Woody and Buzz. Woody decides to stay in Bonnie’s room a little longer to repair the toy farm properly, while Buzz agrees to move into the Valley immediately.

Build a House For Buzz Lightyear

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The final step before this Space Ranger officially moves into Dreamlight Valley is to build him a house – or, more specifically, a “mobile Star Command center,” aka an RV.

As with other villagers’ houses, you can place Buzz’s RV in any biome of the Valley as long as there is enough space available. Once you have chosen the ideal space, pay 10,000 Star Coins to Scrooge McDuck to build the RV. If you find yourself a little short on Star Coins, farming and selling Pumpkins is a great way to make some quick coins.

Once the RV is built, Buzz Lightyear will officially move into Dreamlight Valley and you will have completed the “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” quest. You will also be able to return to the Toy Story Realm to unlock the quest “You’re My Favorite Deputy,” which will allow Woody to join his toy friend in the Valley.

Have you been enjoying the new update in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Where did you decide to build Buzz and Woody’s houses? What are your favorite festive holiday items added to the game? Comment below and let us know! Plus, don’t forget to check out GameLuster’s other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides for help completing a variety of tasks and quests, including how to recruit Woody and have him join Buzz in the Valley.

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