Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Complete the “Harvest Something Sweet” Quest

Life simulator Disney Dreamlight Valley recently got a festive makeover as the residents of the Valley prepare to celebrate the holidays. The new update, which introduced Woody and Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story to the game, also added the Festive Star Path – a series of limited-time tasks that reward the player with festive outfits, holiday decorations, and Christmas-themed makeovers for villagers Mickey and Merlin. You can even get a “Festive Fox” companion to follow you around the Valley!

Some of the holiday-themed tasks in the Festive Star Path are fairly straightforward. Players are asked to collect red flowers, catch tasty fish, and prepare holiday treats such as Fruitcakes. However, a few tasks are deliberately ambiguous and have left players feeling confused. One of these is labeled simply “Harvest Something Sweet.” This task has left some players frustrated as a number of seemingly “sweet” foods – such as apples, blueberries, and cacao beans – do not count towards task completion.

This guide will list exactly which crops can be harvested to complete the “Harvest Something Sweet” task in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which rewards Festive Star Points and can be used to unlock lots of Christmas-themed goodies!

Only Two Crops Count as “Something Sweet”

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While there are over a dozen crops available to plant, forage, and harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, only two actually count towards the “Harvest Something Sweet” quest on the Festive Star Path. These are Sugarcane and Vanilla. To complete this task, you must harvest a combined total of 30 pieces of either of these two crops.

Sugarcane is the easier crop to obtain, because it does not rely on random chance. You can purchase Sugarcane Seeds from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach and plant them anywhere in the Valley. Sugarcane grows wherever it is planted, but will grow faster if planted in Dazzle Beach. Keep in mind that Sugarcane bought directly from Goofy does not count towards your quest completion total – the Sugarcane must be planted and harvested. Sugarcane grown by WALL-E in his garden in the Peaceful Meadow and harvested by the player DOES, however, count towards the quest total.

Vanilla is a forage crop that spawns randomly in the Sunlit Plateau biome. Typically, between five and ten Vanilla plants will spawn at one time, and they will re-spawn regularly throughout the day. Significantly more Vanilla plants will be accessible if players have completed Scar’s quest line to restore the Sunlit Plateau and unlock the part of the Plateau on the other side of the bridge. While the “Harvest Something Sweet” quest can be completed solely by harvesting Vanilla, it will take much more time to do so because of how little Vanilla spawns at one time and the fact that it can take several hours to re-spawn.

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You should save the Sugarcane and Vanilla that you harvest during this quest. Both are useful ingredients in cooking, as they can be used to make a variety of sweet desserts that can be gifted to villagers or eaten to restore energy. In particular, both Sugarcane and Vanilla are used to make Gingerbread Houses, another festive dish recently added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Sugarcane can also be combined with Apples to make Caramel Apples, a quick snack that restores a large amount of energy, and with Milk to produce a variety of Boba Tea flavors that are popular gifts with many villagers.

Make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides to learn more about how to complete quests, cook recipes, harvest crops, and invite tons of Disney characters to live in the Valley alongside you! Happy Holidays and be sure to enjoy completing the Festive Star Path and gaining lots of holiday rewards!

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