Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Unlock Woody

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest update could best be described as “Toy-riffic” – it brings the toy characters from the popular Pixar film series Toy Story to the Valley! Two Toy Story characters are currently available to be recruited, the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and the Cowboy Sheriff Woody.

Woody is the second of the two characters who will move into Dreamlight Valley. You cannot recruit Woody unless you have completed the quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” and had Buzz move into the Valley. Once this is done, you can visit the Toy Story Realm and start the quest “You’re My Favorite Deputy,” which concludes with Woody becoming a resident of Dreamlight Valley.

This guide will help you complete every step of the quest “You’re My Favorite Deputy” and get this rootin’ tootin’ cowboy to move into the Valley. Once Woody has joined the Valley’s residents, players can complete his chain of friendship quests to earn a variety of Wild West-themed rewards. To start this quest, head into the Dreamlight Castle and take a trip to the Toy Story Realm.

Collect Pipe Cleaners and Ice Pop Sticks

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In order to restore Bonnie’s toy farm to its former glory, you must first collect five Pipe Cleaners and eight Ice Pop Sticks located around the room. As with the items for Buzz’s quest, all necessary items are found on the ground, and none are located on elevated platforms such as Bonnie’s bed or the table where Buzz was previously standing.

To collect the Pipe Cleaners, you need to use your Royal Pickaxe to break the piles of candy around the room. The Pipe Cleaners are located:

  • Next to the glowing entrance to the Toy Story Realm
  • On the floor inside Bonnie’s closet
  • At the end of Bonnie’s bed, next to the yellow pillow with a rainbow decoration
  • Hidden behind the race track, near the blue book decorated with musical notes
  • To the right side of Bonnie’s bed, near the book decorated with an Easter Egg

To collect the Ice Pop Sticks, you need to use your Royal Shovel to dig through the piles of paper scattered around the room. The Ice Pop Sticks are located:

  • Next to the red book decorated with an Easter Egg
  • Next to the blue book decorated with musical notes
  • In front of the flower-shaped table that Buzz was previously standing on, next to a teddy bear
  • Next to a drawer decorated with an orange-and-white flower, near the glowing entrance to the Toy Story Realm
  • Between the blue and green cacti near the glowing entrance to the Toy Story Realm
  • Next to the green box holding up the ramp to Bonnie’s bed
  • On the floor inside Bonnie’s closet
  • To the left side of Bonnie’s bed, in front of her nightstand

Once you have collected all of the Pipe Cleaners and Ice Pop Sticks, return to Woody for your next instructions.

Return to the Valley and Collect Materials

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Next, Woody will ask for two Yellow Daisies and some sort of glue to decorate the Farm. Unfortunately, neither of these items can be found in the Toy Story Realm. You will have to return to Dreamlight Valley to gather these materials.

Yellow Daisies can be picked in the Peaceful Meadow biome. They tend to spawn regularly throughout the day, so finding two will likely not be difficult.

For the glue, you will need to talk to Buzz Lightyear. You can use the in-game map to find where Buzz is located in the Valley. Simply talk to Buzz and he will give you an “Adhesive Bonding Agent” – aka superglue. Take the Daisies and the Adhesive Bonding Agent and return to the Toy Story Realm to give these items to Woody.

Round Up Bonnie’s Animals

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The final step to restoring Bonnie’s toy farm is to find the five Origami Animals scattered around her bedroom. Like the previous items which you were asked to gather, Bonnie’s animals are all found on the ground, with none located on the elevated platforms. The five Origami Animals are located:

  • In the back corner of the room, hidden behind piles of books (Black and White Penguin)
  • In front of the toy kitchen set (Blue Elephant)
  • Next to the red backpack by the glowing entrance to the Toy Story realm (Blue Elephant)
  • On the floor of the closet, in the very corner of the folded closet door (Green Turtle)
  • Near the farm, next to the book decorated with an Easter Egg (Purple Butterfly)

Once you have collected all five of the Origami Animals, return to Woody and share the good news. He will declare Bonnie’s farm to be complete and will agree to move to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Build Woody a House

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Of course, like every other villager, Woody will require you to build a house for him before he will officially move into the Valley. In Woody’s case, his home is rather surprising: an old, somewhat worn-down carousel. While you can place Woody’s Carousel anywhere in the Valley, keep in mind that it is one of the larger houses in the game and will require a lot of open space to place. Because of its creepy, run-down vibes, the Carousel fits well with the aesthetics of the Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, or Forgotten Lands biomes.

Finally, pay 10,000 Star Coins to Scrooge McDuck so that he will build Woody’s house. If you are short on Star Coins, you can make some quick cash by planting and harvesting Pumpkins and then selling them at one of Goofy’s Stalls scattered throughout the Valley.

Once his house is built, Woody will officially move into Dreamlight Valley. Players can then start bonding with Woody in order to unlock his Friendship Quests and rewards. So far, Woody and Buzz are the only confirmed Toy Story characters to appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but players are hoping to see other characters such as Jessie, Bullseye, and the Aliens added to the game in future updates.

How have you been enjoying the new Toy Story characters and content in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Are you making good progress on the Festive Star Path? What is your favorite piece of holiday-themed apparel or decor added in the game’s latest update? Comment below and let us know!

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