Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes officially announced

It has happened Disney has announced the new Disney Infinity hooray. The  new game is called Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes. The game will primarily focus on Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel studios as the game will only feature Marvel characters. It will star characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and many other characters from the Marvel Universe. In this game I am not really expecting any new Disney characters themselves so that’s the only possible shame I know of at the moment.

Here is all the official details that Disney and Marvel offered up at their live event:

– Note: to clarify, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes acts as a new “2.0 Edition”
– All Disney Infinity figures from the original version will be compatible
– This applies to Power Discs as well
– All Toy Boxes from Disney Infinity 1.0 are compatible with 2.0
– Disney Infinity base is also compatible
– New Starter Pack comes with Avengers Play Set piece, 3 Marvel characters, 2 interactive game pieces
– Coming to Wii U, PS3, 360, PS4, and Xbox One
– New massive environment: Marvel Manhattan
– This is four times larger than The Incredibles Play Set
– Character locomotion, special skills and combat, attributes and skill trees
– Hover mode, forward flight
– Combat being added into both of these
– Super jump feature for The Hulk, Captain America
– Hulk has a wall crawl ability
– More characters have this ability as well
– Combat will be true to the characters
– Brawler character: Thor and Captain America
– Can upgrade Captain America’s shield ability
– Range character: Hawkeye
– The Hulk is incredibly strong, doesn’t take as much damage
– Hulk has a rage mode
– Level cap being raised to 20
– Can upgrade health, other stats
– Structured play in the Toy Box mode
– Toy Discs bring the structured play
– Usability being worked on; players can go into the Toy Box and use it in a variety of ways
– Won’t be as complicated to use this time around
– City brush: put in roads, buildings, lamp posts, etc.
– Brushes for race tracks, dungeons, castles, treehouses, etc.
– Builders: drop them inside the world, they’ll start building things automatically for you
– Can edit anything the builders create
– New interiors feature
– Home: reflects your progress as you play the game (trophies, etc.)
– Express your personality and progress in here
– Unlock tower defense, dungeon crawler Toy Box games with the new Toy Box game discs included with the Starter Pack
– These offer about 3-4 hours of gameplay
– 80 new Power Discs
– Discs are coming in 2 different waves
– Discs include assist characters, costume changes, new vehicles

Disney also showed off a trailer for the game which can be found below:


Disney Infinity and Superhero fans should be happy with the announcement of this new game as it could be really good, lets all just hope that the as well as adding new featres 2.0 keeps all the original ones and makes Disney Infinity all the more enjoyable.

Source: Disney PR

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