New Mario Kart 8 details

Who would have thought that we were only a month away from people going crazy, Mario Kart crazy that is  and event though we have known about the game for quite a while now Nintendo is still pouring out new details all the time. New Characters, new items, new courses and a lot more information, Even now we have received even more new details about the upcoming game in a brand new “new features” trailer which is below:

Here is all the confirmed new details about the game:

– Once again, Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach are in
– Crazy 8 item is the spiritual successor to Mario Kart 7′s Lucky 7
– Super Horn: emits a sonic blast around your kart
– This pulse can knock out other racers or ward off Green, Red, and Blue Shells
– Super Horn is a rare item
– Acts as a counter measure to the Blue Shell
– Voice chat in lobbies for games with friends only
– Tournaments are one of the bigger features in the game
– Choose an icon and input name for it when they Create-A-Tournament
– Select rules next
– Can change the speed of the race (50cc, 100cc, 150cc) whether you want to allow racing as teams or even multiple rounds to decide a winner
– Can also set if a tournament is public or restricted to friends
– Other tweaks: restrict control schemes used in a race, whether computer players can fill in empty slots, and vehicle types (kart, bike, or ATVs) allowed in the race
– Takes player ratings into account
– You can set up a race so only players who achieved a certain online rank can join
– Once a tournament is created, you have a number code to share with your friends, or it can be discovered publically via search
– Daily/weekly/monthly recurring tournaments supports
– Can set start/end times
– Ex: a player could host a race for friends that occurs every Sunday night between 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. PT
– Can set a tournament that has a specific start and end date, or even a number of races allowed within a set time
– Whenever you create a tournament, you can choose which item sets are allowed in a race
– Players can choose between: all items, shells only, bananas only, mushrooms only, bob-ombs only, no items, and Frantic Mode
– Frantic Mode: higher frequency of powerful items like Lightning Bolts, Bullet Bills, and possibly Blue Shells
– Game records all races you participate in
– Game retains the events of the last 12 you competed in on the Wii U itself
– These replays save everything that happened in the match, so you can use simple editing tools to tweak certain parameters
– Replays aren’t finalized video, but gameplay footage you can quickly edit in Mario Kart TV
– Not a complex editing system
– By tweaking certain parameters, you can focus on specific drivers and moments
– Video focuses on action, big hits, items, or drifting
– Clips are 30, 45, or 60 seconds
– You can also render a highlight reel to display the full race
– Once a highlight film is edited, you can output a video to Miiverse or YouTube in HD
– Unclear if 720p or 1080p
– Players sign up with a Google Account and, while it’s uploading, you can edit a Miiverse post with stamps
– Battle Mode features new and existing courses re-engineered for this mode
– Battle mode replays can also be edited and shared by Mario Kart TV.
– In multiplayer, the GamePad mirrors the same four-player split-screen that was on the television

So many new details, it seems this game just keeps getting better every time we receive new details and some of these are good to hear about. I feel these new characters are pointless and  could be done without but the new details themselves are pretty good.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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