Disney Infinity 3.0 announcement trailer arrives, very Star Wars

Following Game Informer’s reveal of Disney Infinity 3.0 earlier today, Disney Interactive has jumped into action to truly make it official with the launch of the official reveal trailer, oh so exciting you can watch the trailer below:


Given the games clearly Star Wars drive I am hoping for great things from this entry even if it just in the playsets, hopefully the series does not thrive at the first entry and do what Marvel Super Heroes did and become a train wreck. Infinity 3.0 has a lot of potential that can immediately be seen by watching the trailer lets just hope they have fixed the general gameplay and action of the games to make this a great entry.

On one final note though, I would have thought given the massive amount of Star Wars clearly in this game it would have been announced yesterday but what can you do. All that’s left to say is may the force be with you.

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