Rumors: Disney and Lucasfilm Looking to Split from EA

According to rumors, Disney and Lucasfilm are considering new publishers for their Star Wars video games. Although they have been in talks with Electronic Arts to revitalize the struggling Battlefront 2, Cinelinx has reported that Lucasfilms recently reached out to both Ubisoft and Activision in hopes for a better deal.

Since EA is the exclusive producer for all Star Wars video games, it has been speculated that a switch in companies like this would create a breach in Disney’s contract with EA. However, there is a possibility of a loophole in the contract that would allow a break if certain standards or conditions were not being met.

With the limited success that both Battlefront and Battlefront 2 have managed, this may be the ammunition Disney will use to break its relation with EA. To put it in perspective, EA had originally planned to sell over 10 million copies of Battlefront 2 in the first quarter after release. In that time frame, the game only sold nine million copies, which was also four million less than the original Battlefront sold in the same time period. Add on top of this the loot box controversy for Battlefront 2 and it seems that EA might have ruined its chances at keeping the major franchise.

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