The Dualshock 4 is a very well-built controller compared to the Dualshock 3, and even arguably the Xbox One controller. Unfortunately though, as pointed out on reddit, there are some flaws.

The Dualshock 4's left analog stick has been suffering a glitch where it is automatically moving to the bottom right, much like the automatic scroll glitch older consoles suffered. According to the user who submitted the post, Sony was not familiar with the problem. A few other users also commented saying they had a problem with the controller, and that although it is ergonomic, the quality isn't top notch.

This issue comes in the wake of an automatic ejecting issue the Playstation 4 had. Sony jumped on the issue by offering very little help to people who had this problem. Other issues include analog grips falling off, battery life, and broken light bars.

Although this may not be something big, it is showing that people are having their fair share of issues with the console giant, and it is a sign that Sony needs to act now.


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