Domains Reportedly Registered for Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad Games

A user on the ResetEra forums has discovered a piece of rather exciting news: three new domains have recently been registered, which might point to the upcoming release of new DC Comics superhero (well, perhaps more like super-anti-hero) focused games. The domains,,, and, were registered by MarkMonitor Inc, a company that has been known to work with Warner Brothers (and its WB Games department in particular) in the past.

Speculation regarding a possible Suicide Squad game has been present ever since the release of the 2016 film featuring the titular team. Initially, the title was connected to development studio WB Montreal, but rumors then insisted that the game had been canceled. It has also potentially been connected with Rocksteady, the developer responsible for the Batman: Arkham series, but no spokesperson from the company has ever confirmed or denied these rumors.

Meanwhile, WB Montreal has been teasing the development of a game set in Gotham via the release of various mysterious logos and symbols on their website, found here. The website features the tagline “Capture the Knight” and has been speculated to point towards a game featuring the Court of Owls, a relatively new but powerful and terrifying Batman villain. This seems to indicate that a Gotham Knights game would be handled by this studio.

WB Games is confirmed to be making announcements at DC FanDome, a digital event that will be taking place on August 22, 2020. It is possible that we will hear something about one or both of these rumored games at that time.

It is unknown whether other rumors that WB Interactive may be looking to sell off Rocksteady Games will affect or be affected by the possible development of these new titles.

What would you want to see in a Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad game? What announcements are you hoping to see at DC FanDome? Let us know!

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