Dragon Quest Builders 2 Building Its Way Onto PS4 and Switch in July

Dragon Quest Builders captured many players’ hearts and minds when it originally arrived on the PlayStation 4, and later on the Switch. Its unique blend of Dragon Quest characters, items, and more, paired with the Minecraft aesthetic, satisfied many players and had them pining for more adventures in this world. The latest Nintendo Direct revealed some interesting information for the sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will differentiate itself from the original with a greater focus on teamwork. The game will have you work with a mysterious character known as Malroth, and you’ll enlist the help of others to defeat monsters and bosses. It’s also worth remembering that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will allow multiplayer, a much needed addition for the sequel where players can team up locally or online and build together. It is also worth noting that players will now be able to venture underwater, which was another feature absent from the first game.

It has also been revealed that those who played the original game and intend to play this one will receive additional bonuses. Namely they will have the ability to craft the Legendary Builders costume and the Dragonlord’s Throne, a nice homage to the original game.

The most vital piece of information to come out of the Direct however was the release date. The game will arrive on July 12 on both the Switch and PS4. You can check out the trailer from the Nintendo Direct below.

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