Dragon Quest Builders 2 Will Feature Minor Cross-Platform Support

Cross-platform support has been a big deal in recent months, with more players wanting to connect with friends and fellow players on other platforms. The developers behind Dragon Quest Builders 2 heard this request. As revealed through an interview with Famitsu, Square Enix will be implementing a small cross-platform feature in the new game.

The cross-platform feature in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be minor coming in the form of the game’s Bulletin Board system. Through Bulletin Boards, players will be able to share screenshots and blueprints for building designs, adding something of a communal feel to the game. Rather than being tethered to a single system, the board will be updated simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In the interview, one of the developers said, “You can also use islands made from both hardware too.”

In a different part of the interview, the developers revealed how series creator Yuji Horii helped in setting the vision for the game, citing being true to the original being critical during development.

“When we couldn’t decide on how to make Dragon Quest Builders 2, it was Yuji Horii who told me, ‘Players that liked the first game will purchase 2 so you can’t change its foundation, if it comes out as something else they’ll be let down,’ and that really cleared up my troubles,” the developer said. “From that day onward, we went with a powered-up version of the first game. Up until then it was really rough.”

Unfortunately for those hoping for more excitement from cross-platform features, you might be disappointed. After learning more of the game’s multiplayer elements, wherein up to four players could gather, craft, and build together, it’s a shame to see cross-platform support be limited. But minor support is still better than nothing.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is set for release on Dec. 20 in Japan for both PS4 and Switch. While no date has been announced at this time, a western release of the game is expected in 2019.

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