Dragon Quest Builders coming to North America this October

Dragon Quest fans will be aware of the series numerous spin offs that arrived over the years, often these games are just as good but for different reasons, should you be looking for a new Dragon Quest spinoff game then you are in luck. A new trailer for Dragon Quest Builders has arrived today, and with it has revealed the North American release date for the game.

Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft-esque game set in Alfegard, the world of the original Dragon Quest with the series known Role Playing Game elements. It has been revealed that the game will be arriving on the Playstation 4 and Vita this October, however no further release details involving a date have surfaced. As far as a premise goes Dragon Quest Builders see the world having to be rebuilt after the protagonist of the original game falls victim to evil, this is simple enough to understand. This game has been out in Japan for sometime now, the game arrived back on January 28th and now North American’s can get in on the fun. Hopefully though Square Enix will reveal a release date for the rest of the world soon so we can all get in on the action.

In 2016 the Dragon Quest series is celebrating its 30th anniversary, Dragon Quest Builders is just one of the three games expected to arrive this year joining Dragon Quest Heroes II and Dragon Quest VII, both of which I believe are coming to the Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the newest trailer for Dragon Quest Builders below:

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